Being Smarter with Water

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Water is the key to all life forms on our tiny blue planet. Unfortunately, the careless actions of us humans have made us the largest threat to the sustenance of water resources. Water resources need to be sustainably managed at all levels to ensure its can continue to sustain the quality of life for us humans and other species alike. This include the treatment, recycling, monitoring and control of water resources to minimize the impact of our activities on the aquatic environment.

RAPID LABS develops and deploys smart water systems in treatment, monitoring, optimization and control for application in various industries such as raw and waste water treatment, process water, cooling water, aquaculture and agriculture. These computer-based systems enable the modelling of the water processes to be implemented for the purpose of predictive monitoring, process optimization and water use conservation.


Technology Profile

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RAPID LABS develops our own proprietary technologies ranging from hardware, software, flow cell array as well as our unique concentrati0n marker. Our technologies are integrated under the RAPID smart water system that can meet the automated monitoring and control needs of many water-related industries such as raw water treatment, process water treatment, agriculture and aquaculture. RAPID can be integrated with a large selection of customable sensors and probes to suit your process needs. These probes include pH, conductivity, ORP, dissolved O2, water hardness, alkalinity and a wide range of cations and anions (Na+, NH4+, Ca2+, NO3-, Cl- etc.)

RAPID Single View Dashboard Display

RAPID Single-View Dashboard Display

Trend Display

Trend Display






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We develop and customise our smart water systems to meet the specific needs of our industrial customers. Our customised solutions include applications in:

  • Treatment of Cooling Tower Water
  • Raw Water treatment
  • Water Chlorination
  • Environmental Water Monitoring
Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring