RAPID System

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Monitoring & control for cooling towers

Real-time environmental monitoring

Real-time environmental monitoring

Installation of units in South Africa

Installation of units in South Africa

Lab-in-Pocket Field Testing

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IMG_4413AOur range of Lab-in-Pocket Field Testing solution is designed for simple and rapid field testing of samples for water, environmental and food safety applications.

Our current range of analytes include:

1.) Toxic heavy metals (Pb, Zn, Cd, As, Hg) for water, food and medical samples

2.) Nitrogen-based compounds (NH4, NO2, NO3) for water, food, agriculture, aquaculture samples

3.) Antibiotics in water, animal feed & meat products

Click here to download Lab-in-Pocket product catalogue

Key Benefits

– Portable and mobile for field use

– Small amount of sample (1-10mL)

– Non-color based therefore no interference from sample color and turbidity

– Sensitive (down to ppb) and fast (3-5 mins)

– Simple to use with minimal training required

– Environmentally-safe with no toxic reagents required

– Digitized results for easy data transfer

Areas of applications include:

1.) Water & environmental monitoring

2.) Food safety monitoring

3.) Quality assurance for incoming food products

4.) Production quality control

Smart Water Systems

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waterwaveWater is the  key to all lifeforms on our tiny blue planet. Unfortunately, the careless actions of human species has made us the largest threat to the sustenance of water resources. Water resources need to be sustainably managed at all levels to ensure its can continue to sustain the quality of life for us humans and other species alike. This include the treatment, recycling, monitoring and control of water resources to minimize the impact of our activities on the aquatic environment.

RAPID LABS develops and deploys smart water systems in treatment, monitoring, optimization and control for application in various industries such as raw and waste water treatment, process water, cooling water,  aquaculture and agriculture. These computer-based systems enable the modelling of the water processes to be implemented for the purpose of predictive monitoring, process optimization and water use conservation.

RAPID Smart Water System


Click RAPID System Brochure to view our water systems product brochure

For example, a variant of this system has been developed and customized for cooling towers that utilizes mass and thermal balances to improve efficiency and water performance of the equipment.

These systems are also equipped with smartphone-enabled  remote monitoring and control capability to allow the water asset owners to remain on-the-go while keeping close watch on their water processes.


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