About Us


Rapid Labs Sdn. Bhd. designs and develops technological solutions for rapid sensing systems in the fields of water, environmental, food safety and biomedical testing.

Our technological solutions covers the whole range of needs by our customers; from the sensors fabrication, sensing hardware, digitization and transfer of analysis data to remote monitoring, data processing, analysis and predictive modeling.

Our products has been developed, customised and utilized by customers as far as the South Africa and Brazil.

Our  Team

Rapid Labs Team


John B.L.  Goh – John heads the Technical Development Team. He graduated from the University of Toronto in Applied in Electrical Engineering. He has extensive experience in bringing new technologies into the market, having build his business in the the supply of information technology products to the eye-care industry.

K.M. Tang – Tang handles the business development function of Rapid Labs. He is a graduate in Chemical Engineering as well as MBA (International Bus.) from the University of Malaya. His keen interest is in the commercialisation of R&D as well as developing strategies to bring new technologies and create value for the market.

Jack C.Y. Woon – Jack graduated from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in Applied Physics. He is attached to the Technical Development Team in software development. He is also currently completing his doctorate research in Quantum Dot Computational Modeling.

Dr. K.B. Gan – Dr. Gan is Technical Advisor to Rapid Labs. He is attached to the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in Faculty of Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering. He specialises in the field of space science and biomedical engineering research.

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